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Clinica Port d'Andratx on

International medical specialists team in Mallorca

Besides general and emergency medicine we can offer you the care of orthopedic, traumatologic, neurology and esthetic medicine specialists. Additionally we can provide you with chiropractic care.

Clinica Port d'Andratx near Peguera and Santa Ponça

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In case of emergencies , you can reach us at any time on the mobile phone.

matter of the heart

Our highest goal is your health and your well being.

Therefore we take time for your individual problem to be adressed in order to give you the best care and advice.

A trustworthy and modern atmosphere shall make you feel welcome in our premises from the very beginning.


You will find the clinic right at the entrance to Port d' Andratx.

In front of the clinic is a big official car parking space, as well as an emergency loading/ reloading area a few steps from the entrance door.

Our international specialist team for general and emergency medicine, for orthopedics and traumatology as well as neurology and aesthetic medicine

Medicine according to german quality standards

Dr. Barbara Reinke

Medical Director

Specialist for General-, Emergency-, Tropical- and Integrative Medicine as well as Chiropractic and Lyme disease counseling

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Dr. Ahmet Diaz

Orthopedics, Surgery,
Trauma Surgery

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Dr. Mikel Murguialday

Maxofacial Surgeon,
Esthetic Medicine

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Dr. Ernesto Pellegrini

General Medicine,
Emergency Medicine

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Dr. Lester Quiros Duran

General Medicine,
Emergency Medicine, Neurology

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